Offset Patio Umbrella


Offset Patio Umbrella

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An offset patio umbrella is possibly one of the most convenient types of outdoor umbrella that you can buy. Most offset umbrellas open using a ‘crank’, or handle and can be tilted to the left or to the right so that you can always follow the sun and protect yourself and your family with cooling shade.

Usually constructed from a lighter material than a cantilever patio umbrella, with a rotatable and adjustable canopy, these umbrellas can be used to create shade in any area that you choose and placed easily and conveniently around your garden as required. As the base is often made from a more lightweight material such as Aluminum , you can also use it on top of your outdoor dining table, providing shade for those wonderful languid summer lunches!

Shade Australia has two wonderful choices for you to consider in the offset patio umbrella range with key features such as premium quality canvas from O’Bravia, 360 degree rotation for optimum shade control and optional wheeled mobile bases. These are just some of the exceptional features of Shade Australia outdoor umbrellas. The ‘Savanna’ comes in 7 fantastic colors, with 2 base options and 4 options for size, making this a true contender to grace your patio, garden or poolside. You are sure to create an impact in your outdoor garden design when you choose this up-market style umbrella.

If you are looking for something a little less expensive, but still elegant and practical, consider the ‘Lynden’ which comes in a selection of natural shades and still have options regarding the base. It’s a little less expensive on the pocket without scrimping on design and quality.

It’s worth your time to take into consideration how much physical area you need to cover with shade. You might want to take some measurements; check out how wide your dining table is and how far out the chairs would be when your guests are sitting in them. This will ensure that when fully extended, your offset patio umbrella will create the maximum shade for you and your guests.

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