Cantilever umbrella / Suitable for All Seasons


Cantilever Umbrella is popularly known as side umbrella or offset umbrella. Unlike the usual umbrella, this umbrella hangs from a side pole. It has a broad base and a pole that supports the umbrella from the sideways. It has a strong base and the pole is slightly bent at the top to support the hanging canvas.  Sometimes, the large pole which holds the canvas of the umbrella from the middle can be disturbing. Hence, people can opt for this Cantilever-umbrella where the full space under the umbrella can be utilised well. This is a perfect choice for any outdoor restaurant and outdoor picnics.

You can find this umbrella in different size and models in the market. Accordingly the price also differs for each kind of product. It is always important to note the material of umbrella. Few materials like Polyester are durable and expensive. So keep a check on the material of the umbrella and buy the ones which will be suitable to your needs and preferences. There are umbrellas available with UV rays protection materials which can be used at summer to avoid the scorching sun. One of the remarkable features in a Cantilever Umbrella is, they are adjustable. The Side pole can be levered front or back as and when required.   Also the height of the Cantilever Umbrella can either be increased or reduced with a help of a small lever provided.

The Cantilever – Umbrella can be used in any weather. It will be suitable for rainy days and also in summer days. They are tough enough for windy weather. The best part is you need not worry about the cantilever umbrella being blown away in the wind like the normal umbrellas. This umbrella does not require much space and it is quite compact to handle. Hence, with this cantilever umbrella you can have calm and blissful outdoor fun.