Cantilever & Sidepost Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas feature a side-pole which allows for more freedom and movement under the umbrella. Every cantilever umbrella features the ability to rotate 360 degrees to move the shade to where it is needed. The Umbrellas also feature tilting options to enable shade to be pointed to different areas without having to move the umbrella itself.
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Our Product Range

  • The Amazing Revolva Shade
    The Amazing Revolva Shade

    The Revolva Shade Umbrella is one of a kind. It's unique features and high quality materials truly makes this Umbrella top of the range and worth every cent.

    The Revolva Shade Umbrella 
  • The Exciting Asta
    The Exciting Asta

    The Asta is Shelta’s top of the range cantilever umbrella. What makes it so good is its strength and ease of use. Unlike other cantilever umbrellas it can still be used when the wind picks up*

    The Asta 
  • The Premium Savannah
    The Premium Savannah

    With all the features you could ever need on an Outdoor Umbrella, the Savannah is the perfect affordable Cantilever for anyone.

    The Savannah 
  • The Reliable Sidepost Classic
    The Reliable Sidepost Classic

    The Sidepost Classic is a hard wearing Australian made Cantilever Umbrella and without a doubt has earned the title of 'Classic'.

    The Sidepost Classic 
  • The Bamboo Bambrella
    The Bamboo Bambrella

    The Bambrella is our new addition to the Cantilever Family. It's laminated bamboo frame and Spuncrylic canopy truly makes this umbrella new and exciting.

    The Bambrella 
  • The Sturdy Lynden
    The Sturdy Lynden

    The Lynden is a smaller sized cantilever. It's small size definitely does not affect the quality and amount of features that The Lynden holds.

    The Lynden