Pricing Policy

At Cantilever Umbrellas, we are committed to offering you the best possible prices for quality products. All the prices displayed on our website are there for your convenience and are subject to change when need be. We are not a discount retailer and do compete on soley prices. Our prices are set to cover the costs of investing in our staff, streamlining our systems and representing our products in the utmost professional manner possible. We make sure the products we offer are of superior quality in all aspects. If you are looking for Cheap goods then you should expect a cheap result and should look elsewhere as we pride ourselves on providing products that are long lasting, look great and are well made. If you’re looking to deal with a reputable company with a great reputation for reliability, people who care about finding the right product for you and that the results are what you wanted, and an organisation who plans to be here for many, many, many… many years to come, than you have found the right place and we welcome the opportunity to help you in your endevour to find the perfect Cantilever Umbrella for you!