Shipping Policy

Cantilever Umbrellas, a division of Shade Australia does our best to deliver the goods sold on our website at the lowest possible rates.


We take extra care with all umbrellas we ship to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition.

There are some important things to understand when it comes to shipping umbrellas.  First off, THEY’RE BIG.  This means of course that it’s going to cost a bit to ship them.  Freight in Australia these days has become expensive.  It’s a reflection of fuel prices and every other month we receive a notice from our freight company about a special fuel levy they’re imposing.  That said, we are continually negotiating with them to maintain the very best delivery rates for your customers.

Another thing which adds a little bit to the shipping price is the packaging.  We take great care to put extra packaging on our boxes to ensure they arrive safe and undamaged to you.  This is a small extra cost that we pass on but trust us, it’s worth it.  You want your umbrella to arrive in the perfect condition it left the factory in and so do we.

Shade Australia maintains accounts with the leading freight companies in Australia.  These guys know freight and over the years they’ve proven to be very reliable.  If it’s a local delivery we’ll most likely deliver it ourselves but if it’s our of our area or intestate then mostly we ship with;

  • Toll Ipec
  • Northline
  • Fastway Couriers
  • Barnetts General Freight
  • Capital Transport

The shipping of our products depends on the item you have purchased, the time frame you would like to receive the goods and the destination the product will be shipped too. As a result we will select the company most able to deliver the goods to the destination in a careful and timely manner.

Items sold on our website are calculated through a system which works out the most cost effective way to get the goods to you.   Once we know your postcode the system looks at how best to get it to you and works out the shipping rate.  We’ve broken Australia into a series of regions based on postcodes.  Sometimes however the system doesn’t always get it right.  For instance, if we’re shipping a mixed order of umbrellas and bases to Broken Hill, the system may give an incorrect reading.  If this happens we will need to contact you to advise a revised shipping charge.  We will never charge you more than you have authorised us to do so without first seeking your permission. If it turns out that the freight price is more than you want to pay then we will simply refund your order in full, no questions asked.

If you have anymore questions relating to our shipping policy or wish to seek a more accurate pricing before checkout, please feel welcomed to contact us on 1800 155 233 or