Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

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Cantilever umbrellas are quite different from the normal types of umbrellas. This Cantilever umbrella is outdoor umbrella which gives you a safe and comfortable outdoor experience. Unlike the other umbrellas, the pole is found in the side of the umbrella. It is bent in top end and the canopy is suspended sideways from the top of the pole. The key features of these Umbrellas are; broad base, Huge Canopy, Adjustable Lever and Spacious Shade area.  People who require more room under the Umbrella can choose this Cantilever Umbrella.

Nowadays, people prefer to use this for a commercial purpose than just placing them in their backyard during the summer. This Commercial Cantilever umbrella has so many commercial usages. Outdoors restaurants create a comfortable and warm ambience with these commercial cantilever umbrellas. These umbrellas are big enough to provide shade to a table and few chairs. Also, the position and the location of the umbrella can be changed as and when required. As there is no pole in the middle, there is no disturbance for the people under the umbrella.

Basically, any outdoor umbrella which is huge and spacious can be called as commercial cantilever umbrella. The other commercial settings where you can find these commercial cantilever umbrellas are Hotels & Resorts, Clubhouses and promotional stores. In resorts, these umbrellas are kept near the swimming pool to give shade for people taking Sun-bath.

There are many varieties in these commercial cantilever umbrellas. You can find the right one for all types of commercial settings.  There are lot of options in terms of colour, size and shape of the canopy. These commercial cantilever umbrellas are visually appealing and attract more customers as they are quite different from the normal patio umbrellas. This attractive commercial cantilever umbrella will invite a second look and will be easily noticed by people.

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