Cantilever Umbrella Cover

Cantilever Umbrella Cover

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When you go to the extent of purchasing an outdoor umbrella, it’s really important to ensure that you keep it in the best condition as you can. Investing in a simple but practical cover is well worth the cost, and considering it is an inexpensive way to protect your cantilever umbrella, it makes perfect sense!

A patio umbrella cover will benefit you in many ways. Not only will it help to protect the fabric from fading over time, it will keep the winter weather at bay as well as deterring bugs, mold and mildew from getting in to the fabric and destroying it. Most patio umbrellas have protective agents built into the fabric however it’s best to as much as you can to protect your beautiful new addition to your garden, patio or poolside.

Most cantilever umbrella covers are quite inexpensive, ranging from around $30 up to $70 but don’t fall for the cheapest one just because it’s cheap! Ensure that you get the measurements of your patio umbrella before you go shopping! Each patio umbrella cover design is unique and you will need to ensure that the specifications are the same so that it covers your umbrella properly!

Last but not least, take your time to find the right cover for your cantilever umbrella. Something to consider is if you need a waterproof cover. Not all covers are waterproof or fully waterproof. Check the item description and ask the company about the waterproofing agents used on their products. Some companies also use a non-toxic fabric, which is ideal around children and animals. Some have a lifetime guarantee and there are companies that offer a range of colors that will suit your decorating desires. Of course these factors could also impact the cost of your cover, but compared to the cost of a new cantilever umbrella, it’s minimal and well worth the little bit of time and effort to get the right cover from the beginning.

One last but important thing to consider is that you measure the actual dimensions of your patio umbrella. Best not to rely on the manufactures descriptions, as they may not be accurate.

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